Serving Palm Beach County


Our ultimate goal is to improve quality of life for the seniors in our communities who are in need of a helping hand. We do this in several ways.

1. Coordinate/perform basic home repairs

2. Help identify unmet needs, and locate resources to meet those needs

3. Organize pre/post Disaster Care

  • Hurricane preparedness/evaluation of homes
  • Pre-disaster check, care, and supply kits
  • Immediate after-disaster care: physical, home, and necessities (food, water…)


We offer assistance to programs currently in place, such as before-school, after-school, and summer programs. Neighbors First also looks for opportunities to reach out to tomorrow’s adults in many different areas of their lives

Currently working with

  • Small Business Program
  • Mentoring - R/C Car Clubs
  • Teen C.E.R.T. (Community Emergency Response Team)
  • At-risk youth in local parks
  • Teen Service Projects


In our attempt to draw people in the community closer together, Neighbors First looks for opportunities to organize activities that allow us to take part in large gatherings of people. Community picnics, festivals, holiday celebrations and similar events help further this goal. We have found that working together in selfless acts also help to bring people closer.  Working side by side on service projects, as volunteers at special events, and in other collaborative activities, people build bonds that give meaning to the word community.

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It takes a community!

Over several events Neighbors First provides school supplies to over 600 children. With your support we are able to provide for some of the neediest in our area.
Neighbors First continues to train adults and teenagers in disaster response. Due to Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma we have had a presence in Texas, North Florida and the Florida Keys. Our staff and volunteers have been very busy making a difference and touching lives.
Interested in becoming C.E.R.T. (Community Emergency Response Team) trained. Contact us by email or phone.

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